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Code of Professional Conduct

Code of Professional Ethics

Hospital Engineers shall conduct themselves with such dignity, propriety & integrity, as will establish the respect of associates at all times, working responsibly in maintaining & furthering services to patients and the community in general in a manner that engenders an ethic reflecting the following values and actions:

  • Act honestly, irrespective of its effect on self interests or other's interests if requested to give an opinion on any matter.
  • Abstain from expressing opinions that may reflect unfavourably and unfairly on the ability or integrity of another Engineer unless it is considered a duty to their employer or other institutions.
  • Avoid malicious or careless conduct likely to harm, directly or indirectly, the reputation of self & by association, that of another Engineer.
  • Apply skill & knowledge in a diligent manner at all times in whatever capacity so engaged.
  • Advise their employer of the desirability of obtaining supplementary advice if confronted with an issue beyond competence possessed.
  • Pursue & encourage continuing professional development of self and colleagues respectively.
  • Give credit to any subordinate who has contributed to work for which a Hospital Engineer is responsible.
  • Avoid placing themselves under obligation to any person or persons associated with their hospital, by trade or contract, at all times.
  • Reject any royalty, gratuity or commission in respect of any patented or protected article or process used in any associated work unless such association has been fully disclosed in writing to their employer.
  • Avoid seeking personal gain or advantage from disclosure of any confidential information that may be acquired as a result of special opportunities or privileges arising out of work done by their employer.
  • Protect the interests of their employer & maintain a scrupulous impartiality between their employer & contractors in preparation of contractual documentation.

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