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This area contains information on a variety of technical issues including performance and benchmarking, infection control and selected articles from "The Australian Hospital Engineer" Journal and more.

Are you currently benchmarking your facility?

Do you know that you cannot achieve an ACHS Accreditation rating of EA without it?

Valid benchmarking with AssetMark

AssetMark recognises the differences that exist between hospitals and between similar hospitals in different states. These differences can impact on cost structures, services and processes, and create differing parameters for benchmarking.
AssetMark deals with these complexities by classifying hospitals by:

  • Geographical information (6 types)
  • Service areas (50 types)
  • Hospital category (3 types)
  • Facility description.

AssetMark can sort on these classifications, and concentrate on choosing from a pool of potential benchmarking partners that are similar enough to make comparisons meaningful.

AssetMark is administered by an independent consultant. The Consultant validates the data as it is entered into the database and also monitors trends in the data on behalf of the Institute.

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