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Victorian Tasmanian Branch Meetings

The Vic/Tas branch provides informative and timely professional development seminars for the benefit of members from all states.

The following is indicative of our program for 2017. Please remember that the program dates and topics are subject to change depending upon availability of resources.

To download an agenda, click on the blue link below as available.

Professional development seminar dates 2017

2017 Date          Activity  Venue
PD1  17 Feb  PD1 Update on RO Systems and HPV        Epworth Hospital, Geelong


 19 May

 Asset Management & Site Visit New Children's Hospital

 Monash Medical Centre
PD3  1-2 June  IHEA & CAHA Environmental Sustainability Forum  Western Health
PD4 24 Nov

Workshop 'Greenhouse Gas Emissions across DHHS Hospitals'


DHHS, Melbourne

Branch Meetings 2017   

 Date  Activity  Venue
17 Feb Special General Meeting Epworth Hospital, Geelong
19 May Branch CoM Meeting Monash Medical Centre
24 Nov Annual Dinner     invitation The Rising Sun Hotel, Sth Melbourne

Presentations available for download

Presentations from PD3 2017 Healthcare Environmental Sustainability Forum

Alternative Energy Sources Author: Andrew Ostoja

Greenland Systems Author: Andrew Pintar

Energy Supply Security & Market Development Author: Ben Skinner

Victorian Energy Efficiency Targets Author: Emma Jacobs

Building Commissioning, Energy Efficiency & Building Automation Systems Author: Focus Energy Solutions

Gas-free Hospitals Author: Richard Keech

Driving Energy Efficiency & Performance in the Health System Author: Tiernan Humphrys

Presentations from PD2 2017 Asset Management

Asset Management Accountability Framework Author: Warren Corlett

Asset Management Accountability Framework - Guidance Author: Warren Corlett

Asset Management Accountability Framework - Attestation Author: Warren Corlett

Asset Management Accountability Framework Compliance Status Tool Author: Warren Corlett

Asset Data Model Author: Warren Corlett

Asset Management Plans Author: Warren Corlett

Potable Water & HVAC Microbial Quality for Healthcare Facilities Author: Vyt Garnys

Reading Material for PD2 2017 Asset Management

The Asset Management Accountability Framework 

The Asset Management Accountability Framework Implementation Guidance

Presentations from PD1 2017 Update on RO Systems and HPV

Introduction to HPV Authors: David Clarke, Dr Jefferson Hopewell, Alfred Matthews

Purified Water Design Authors: Rick Zolcinski

Presentation from PD1 2015 Looking Around

Managing Sewerage During Floods Author: Kim Bruton

PD1 Summary Author: Steve Ball

Presentations from PD3 2013 Project & Risk Management

Risk Management Author: Jim Cozens

Risk Management - Overview of VMIA Authors: Monia Choudhary & Mark Cleeve

Case Study - Risk Management Author: John Dixon

Presentations from PD2 2013 Programs & Initiatives

Support for Community Dental Agencies Authors: Anthony Drago and Colin Riley

2013-14 Asset Revaluation Strategy Authors: Randal Garnham and Brad Edgar

2013-14 Asset Assessment Toolkit & Maintenance Reports Author: Randal Garnham

Energy & Water Programs Author: Spira Stojanovik

Presentations from PD5 2012 Asset Forensic Investigation & How to Deliver a Successful PPP

Forensic Investigations of Electrical Failures Author: Tim Cousins and Associates

Major Changes & Challenges in AS/NZS 3003 (2011) Author: Matthew Jones

Behind the Scene - Structural Engineering of the Royal Children's Hospital  Part 1 Author: Barry Roben

Behind the Scene - Structural Engineering of the Royal Children's Hospital  Part 2 Author: Barry Roben

Presentations from PD4 2012 The Carbon Tax and Low Hanging Fruit

The Carbon Tax in the Health Industry Author: Gid Meltzer

Geothermal Energy Author: Prof Ian Johnston

Variable Frequency Drives and Motor Controls Author: Mark Pinches

Presentations from PD3 2012 Plumbing Industry Information

Use and Abuse of PPR Pipe Systems in Mixed Copper Hot Water Recirculation Systems Author: Prof Graeme George

Copper Design Velocities in Hot Water Recirculaltion Systems Author: Dr David Nicholas

Facility Manager's Perspective on Hospital Hydraulics Author: Jeremy Bowler

Presentations from PD2 2012 Electrical/Communications Services

Department of Health - Findings from Energy Use Studies Author: Spira Stojanovik

Electrical/Bio-Medical Safety Author: Bill te Wierik

Electrical Fire Risks Author: Man-Cheung Hui

Striving for Availability: Management of Diesel-Engine Driven Emergency Power Supply Systems Author: Bruce Sanderson

Presentations from PD1 2012 Solar Thermal Cooling

Evaluation of Co & Tri Generation Projects Author: John Dixon

Echuca Health Redevelopment

Forward Contracting of Energy Contracts & Network Tariff Optimisation Author: George Yerondais

Echuca Redevelopment ESD Report

Presentations from PD5 2011 Cancer Services

Infection Control and Water Borne Pathogens in Hospital Water Systems Author: Prof Eason Lin

Radiation Therapy Author: Brayden Geary

Robotic Surgery: Author: Chris Hunter

Presentations from PD4 2011 Energy Management and Power Distribution

Energy Management Author: Michael D'Costa

Isolation Chassis Author: Alex Coslovich

Renewable Energy Author: Daniel Harris

DDC, MSSB & Energy Author: Andrew Johns

Presentations from PD3 2011 The Greenstar Healthcare Tool

Updates to Medical Gases Standard AS 2896 Author: Robert Mehesz, MedEng

Department of Health Response to Greenstar Health Author: Tiernan Humphrys, Department of Health

Updates to the Electro-medical Standard AS 3003 Author: Lawrence Knuckey, Biomedical Engineering Company of Australia Pty Ltd

Presentations from PD3 2010 Recent Water & Energy Initiatives in Healthcare

Greening our Hospitals - Water Authors: Sarah Bending, Dept of Health; and John Dixon, JD Dixon P/L

Water Audits & Sterilisers Author: Cameron Roberts, Water & Energy Savers

Legionella & Warm Water Systems Author: Stuart Adcock, Dept of Health

Environmental Data in Healthcare Author: Spira Stojanovic, Dept of Health

Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare Author: Sue Brennan, Dept of Health

Climate Change & Infrastructure Author: Michael Nolan, AECOM

Presentations from PD1 2010 The Future Hospital: Evolution or Revolution

ICT - The Backbone of Change Author: Michael Sullivan, Schneider Electric

Nursecall Integration into a Future ICT Structure Author: Mark Burrell, Sedco Communications

Future Hospitals - a Revolution in Health Care Delivery? Author: Henk de Deugd, Northern Health

The Future Hospital Author: Elizabeth Coe, Umow Lai & Associates - Large file warning 25 MB

Communications - Where to Now? Author: Russell Julius, CommScope - Large file warning 18 MB

Security Integration into the ICT Network Author: George Chrobak, Pelco

Presentations from PD3 2009 Asset Management - Drill into the Detail

The following information is available on an "as is" basis and should be reviewed and verified prior to use. To download a presentation right click on the blue link and choose "save as".

An Overview of Asset Management for Public and Private Sectors Author: Kim Bruton, Wodonga Hospital

Strategic Asset Management Planning Author: Howard Bulmer, Leightons Investment and Facility Management

Asset Management - the Next 5 to 10 Years Author: Warren Corlett, CMB, DoH

Proposed DoH Maintenance Standards Author: Kevin Moon, Facilities Engineering

Modern Day Asset Management Practice Author: Philip Carlile, BEIMS

Asset Management - a Case Study, Mt Alexander Hospital, Castlemaine Author: Rod Woodford, Mt Alexander Hospital

Keeping Your Cool with Asset Management - a Case Study Wimmera Hospital Author: Peter Crammond, Wimmera Health

AssetMark - the Institute's Benchmarking System Author: Bill Geerlings, Capworks

Presentations from PD2 2009 Asset Maintenance & Energy Efficiency

Energy Performance Contracting Author: Ciaran Mooney, Lehr Consultants

Chiller Maintenance & Energy Considerations Author: David Butcher, Dalkia

Going Green: the Real Benefits Author: Tiernan Humphrys, Capital Management Branch, DHS

Maintenance v Energy Performance on the Wodonga Hospital Campus Author: Kim Bruton, Wodonga Hospital

Controls Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency Author: Andrew Wong, TAC

Presentations from PD1 2009 Probity Controls in Public Hospitals for the Procurement of Non-Clinical Goods and Services - The Ombudsman's Report

The Ombudsman's Report  Author: Glenn Sullivan, Ombudsman, Vic

Health Purchasing Victoria - a Response to the Report Author: Nigel Allsop, Strategic Procurement, Health Purchasing Vic

DHS - a Response to the Report Author: Peter Lewis, Metro Region, Finance Policy Division, DHS

DHS Capital Management Branch Purchasing Policies Author: Ben Gelnay, Procurement & Risk, CMB, DHS

Good Purchasing Practices Author: Ari Bouras, Melbourne Health

Financial Governance of Healthcare Networks and the Ombudsman's Report Author: Sam Costanzo, Finance, Northern Health

Purchasing Practices in a Large Metro Engineering Department Author: Michael McCambridge, Facilities Management, Melbourne Health

Purchasing Practices in a Regional Engineering Department Author: Peter Crammond, Engineering Services, Wimmera Health Care Group

Presentations from PD3 2008 Occupational Health & Safety - an Update on Recent Changes

Application of OH&S Regulations - Pitfalls and Opportunities Author: Gary Robertson, OH&S Manager, Melbourne Health

Presentations from PD2 2008 DHS Design Guidelines and Health Facilities Design

DHS Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres, Experience in Use - a Consultant's Perspective Author: Melina Thomas, Silver Thomas Hanley

DHS Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres - Current Issues and Future Directions Author: Jim Bartlett, Design Services, Capital Management Branch, DHS

DHS Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres, Experience in Use - a DHS Perspective Author: Helen d'Offay, Private Hospitals Unit, DHS

Presentations from PD3 2007 Infrastructure Business Continuity Planning

Practical Problems Encountered in Implementing Infrastructure Business Continuity Plans Author: Neil Whittington

Infrastructure Business Continuity Plans at Melbourne Health Author: Cynthia Kiernan

Emergency Management and Infrastructure Business Continuity Plans Author: Bill Pollock

Case Study - A Template for a HealthCare Facility Business Continuity Plan Author: Julian Meagher

Emergency Management Infrastructure at the New Royal Women's Hospital Author: John Colquhoun

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