About IHEA

IHEA leads the way for our members to excel in providing state of the art health care facilities and leading-edge management services to support the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

About IHEA

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Australia (IHEA), is the professional organisation for engineers and engineering facility managers, employed in both the private and public health care sectors. This includes the Healthcare Engineer, Health Facility Manager, Architect, Consulting Engineer, Builder, Contractor in the health care field, and all those engaged in Health Care Facilities Management.

Members have the opportunity to network with other professionals, share practical experiences and keep their knowledge of developing technologies up to date. Eligibility for different membership levels depends on the applicant’s qualifications and relevant experience: from apprenticeship through to post-graduate degree. We now also offer associate membership levels, for a range of people interested in the work of our members.

IHEA Objectives

  • To cultivate and maintain the highest possible standards of knowledge, skill, ethics and efficiency for those involved in the design, construction and maintenance of health care facilities.
  • To promote confidence amongst health care authorities in Healthcare Engineers by ensuring that every person accepted into the Institute is fully qualified for their particular membership level.
  • To provide support and information to assist members in their professional capacities.