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IHEA SA Professional Development Event: How to Upgrade Major Electrical Systems in an Operational Environment

Critical electrical infrastructure which is difficult to or not maintained poses a significant risk to the supply of electricity.
Due to the complexities of replacement, ageing infrastructure is a common occurrence in the health sector.

Staff at the Western Hospital will give a quick tour of recently completed infrastructure upgrades (Transformer, MSB, Generators, chillers, BMS etc) at the Western Hospital facility as well as Western Hospital General Manager, Kathy Nagle being able to exhibit the new Hybrid Operating Theatre.

LUCID CONSULTING AUSTRALIA through a volume of extensive experience will present with a focus on common Infrastructure upgrades and the considerations which need to be taken into account including:

Critical Infrastructure components                  Transformer and Main Switchboards

 Distribution boards                                         Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

                                                      Generators and fuel supplies

                                                              Residual Current Devices (RCD’s).

What are the risks?                                        Code compliance
Component failure                                            Reaching Capacity
Safety risk                                                         Supply security / Redundancy

Key Principles?

  • Project delivery time
  • Appetite for disruption / duration of outage
  • Detailed Critical works plans
  • Understanding what components are critical equipment
  • Testing and verification
  • Practical methods of providing temporary power

Compliance to legislated expectations for Electrical Infrastructure in Patient Care Areas is an expectation that is challenging to manage, particularly in ageing areas and legacy health care environments.

Wherever an alteration or change is undertaken to an existing Electrical installation, per Australian Standards, the area in question ‘shall’ be brought up to current standards and works carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 3003 – 2018. Understandably, this can lead to cost prohibitive reworks.

AHT Group will follow up with a short presentation on:

  • Key Standards for Patient Care Environments
  • Experiences in delivery of upgrade in existing facilities
  • Consistent non-compliance’s
  • Classification of patient areas and client responsibilities
  • Commissioning, annual Preventative Maintenance, and repair / replacement

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Special notes: IHEA LDP points apply to this event for IHEA members.
Please be aware that this event may need to be cancelled at short notice based on Government health advice.

Date & Time: Wednesday 29/09/2021 – arrive at 6:00pm event concludes at 7.30pm. Networking opportunities after formal conclusion of the event. $25 per ticket.
Event Location: Western Hospital – 168 Cudmore Terrace, Henley Beach SA

Event Organiser: Daniel Romeo 0402909071

29 September - 29 September 2021
Western Hospital – 168 Cudmore Terrace, Henley Beach SA
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