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                                                                                   IHEA Logbook

       Upon receipt of your 2019/20 IHEA Membership            Members can upload and record any relevant
       payment, you will receive automatic enrolment into      learning activity based on the table of CPD points
       the new   ‘IHEA Logbook’  program as a standard         which will available on the IHEA website.
       part of your membership.                                Capturing these activities and the associated

       The new  ‘IHEA Logbook’  is a Mobile App that           points confirms you as a full and active member
       makes recording professional development activity       of IHEA and our industry with current and relevant
       a breeze. It allows you to:                             expertise.  Members can use the post-nominal

       •  Capture all learning activities, both formal and     ‘MIHEA’ concurrently with accruing CPD points.
           informal, at the time when actually learning – in   For example; here’s how easy it is to accumulate
           Workplace Training, Meetings, whilst reviewing      points:
           Technical Journals & Bulletins, attending                  A self-learning activity up to 1 hour
           Conferences and State Meetings                        1
                                                                point  This might be reading the setup manual of a
       •  Accrue CPD points                                           new piece of equipment or reading an industry

       •  Participate in on-line learning activities – you            relevant article
           can choose from mobile learning activities
           including short videos and audio segments on         3     Teaching someone else in
           the app                                             points  your team for 2-4 hours

       •  Keep all your learning and development
           records, achievements and evidence in one           15     Attendance at the
           place, where it’s always available for update,      points  IHEA Annual Conference
           review and reference

       You will be emailed ‘log-in’ credentials, simply
       download the app and get started!                       “Push”  your learning activity and
                                                               experience by uploading to ‘Logbook’.
       Your IHEA Membership will now include the
       objective of accruing 100 professional development
       points every 2 years using the new ‘IHEA Logbook’       “Pull”  short training activities from the
       process. Capture of even one CPD activity a week        App.
       will routinely meet the ‘IHEA Logbook’ member
       level objective.

                                    *Full financial members are automatically enrolled in the CPD Logbook program. Members not wishing to
                                    participate can select the ‘Affiliate’ membership option of IHEA.

                                       For more information or program support please contact your local LDP
                                       representative (see back page for details)
                                       For technical assistance, please email
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