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WELCOME TO                                  IHEA PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE

 IHEA Logbook                                IHEA Logbook Professional

                                             Elevate your learning & development

       For an additional fee, a further opportunity is available to enrol in at anytime, and elevate your learning &
       development with the IHEA Professional Certificate ‘IHEA Logbook Professional’.
       Aim for a role as a manager and leader in your organisation and take your career to the next level.

       The ‘IHEA Logbook Professional’ course provides you with:

       •  A full self-directed online learning experience      •  An IHEA local Mentor from the state branch,
           via structured & external learning short                allocated to all participants
           courses                                             •  Upon completion, recognition as an ‘Endorsed

       •  Capturing & recording of all learning activities,        IHEA Professional’, advertise your new status on
           both formal and informal at the time when               emails, letterheads, business cards and
           actually learning                                       your resume with the ‘IHEA Professional’
       •  Objective to accrue 300 Points over 2 years              post-nominal (PIHEA)
           across completion of 20 EPA Categories              •  Graduates of the IHEA Professional Certificate

       •  Recognition of Current Learning – 150 points             will gain valuable Recognition of Prior Learning
           over two years from formal and informal on the          (RPL) toward higher tertiary courses which are
           job learning sources                                    being developed for further announcements
                                                                   during the membership year
       •  High-level Learning Projects to attract a total of
           150 points

       The IHEA program has defined Entrustable Professional Activities – EPA’s. These are categories of learning,
       such as; Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Workplace & Occupational Safety, Infection
       Control, Engineering Systems, Project Planning & Management and Business Case Development. There are
       25 categories and members will spread their activities over at least 20 different categories for the Logbook
       Professional Certificate with a limit of 20 points in any one category ensuring the natural bias to one’s core
       qualification or professional discipline is balanced with broader, new knowledge, skills and competencies.

       ENROL TODAY & OPEN NEW JOB                                                 MEMBERS’

       OPPORTUNITIES AND CAREER PATHS                                  INTRODUCTORY OFFER

       2 Year IHEA Logbook Professional Program                        Hurry! Take Advantage of the Early Bird
       $2,000 + GST Members | $3,000 + GST Non-Members                         Offer & Save $500 + GST

       When you enrol, the ‘IHEA Logbook Professional’ program is         2 Year IHEA Logbook Professional
       accessed through the ‘IHEA Logbook’ mobile app, but you                  Program = $1,500 + GST
       will have access to a broader and deeper level of applicable
       self-learning elements, structured learning content and           Available for the First 20 Enrolments
       on-line courses.                                                 Nationally received prior 31st Oct 2019

                                       For more information on ‘Logbook Professional’ enrolment or technical
                                       assistance with the APP, please email
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