Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given to members that the Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Australia will hold their Annual General Meeting at

5.00pm AEST on Wednesday 23rd of September 2020.

This meeting will be held as a virtual meeting using a webinar link to be distributed separately to members.

National Board Changes

The National Board is comprised of Directors nominated from State Branches and Nationally elected members. Each State Branch can nominate one representative to the National Board, with the balance of the Board made up of nationally elected Directors.

Only one change to the National Board will occur this year due to the resignation of Peter Klymiuk from WA. All other Directors will continue their current terms.

State Elected Board Members

Mr. Fred Foley has been nominated by the WA State Branch as representative to the National Board. His nomination will be endorsed by a vote of the membership and ratified at the Annual General Meeting. All other existing State Directors will continue their current terms.

Nationally Elected Board Members

No nationally elected positions are due to expire in 2020. As such all current nationally elected Directors continue their terms.


Clive Jeffries – Chief Executive Officer, Jon Gowdy – National President, Darryl Pitcher – National Secretary

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