Welcome to the second edition of the Worldwide Update newsletter brought to you jointly by IHEEM, IFHE and IFHE-EU. I hope that you found the first newsletter helpful. The feedback we have received has been extremely positive and clearly illustrates the commitment from across the global efm healthcare community to support and share information and experiences during this extraordinary and uncertain time.

In this edition you will find articles covering a wide range of topics including the spread of disease in large spaces and water safety guidance, I would also like to draw your attention to two specific items that IHEEM have been working on over the last few days: Firstly, you will find a link to the recently developed IHEEM Medical Gas Oxygen COVID-19 Demand tool which allows users to understand their current base oxygen flows and calculate planned oxygen demands to support various COVID-19 care scenarios. This can be used alongside the IHEEM Management and Tracking Medical Gas Cylinder Tool which is also provided in this newsletter. Secondly, our newly formed IHEEM COVID-19 Technical Panel have produced the first IHEEM Fact Sheet on Reprocessing of PPE. I am sure this will be the first in a series of factsheets we will provide in relation to key topics impacted by COVID-19.

Stay safe and thank you for your help and support.
Pete Sellars, IHEEM CEO.

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