As a member of the board of directors, Rob Arian sees IHEA as an integral organisation to healthcare engineers.


With practical and managerial experience in Health Engineering clinical technology, strategic asset management and extensive regulatory knowledge in the healthcare industry, Rob’s appointment to the board of directors is a welcome one.

We asked Rob to shed some light on his time with IHEA and how he’s benefited from the experience.


What industry experience are you bringing with you into the role?

Practical and managerial experience in Healthcare Engineering. This involves process optimisation, customer relations, productivity improvement and strategic planning. Previous roles have also involved project management and budget forecasting.

How has IHEA helped you in your career?

Working with IHEA is a great networking experience with strong industry connections. The organisation has effective leadership with peer review support.

What do you believe are the benefits of an IHEA membership?

IHEA have an integral role to play for healthcare engineers when it comes to industry integration.

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