As a member of the Healthcare Engineering sector for nearly 30 years, Steven’s experience in Facilities Management couldn’t come at a better time.


We touched base with Steve to talk about his role at IHEA and the experiences that lead him to his new position on the National Board.


What is your current involvement with IHEA?

I am currently the Vic/Tas treasurer and a Director on the National Board.


You’ve been involved in the Healthcare Engineering sector for almost 30 years. During that time what have been your key areas of involvement?

During this time I’ve primarily been involved in Facilities Management, developing Asset Registers, maintenance plans to comply with Certificates of Occupancy as well as all Acts, Regulations, Codes and Standards.

I have also had extensive experience in the development and negotiation of service agreements to fulfill the requirements of the maintenance plans.


What type of work was involved in Facilities Management? Any particular projects or achievements stand out as particularly rewarding?

I was engaged as the Facilities Manager at Epworth Healthcare Geelong during the construction phase. This gave me the unique opportunity to take a building from construction site to operational hospital, including the recruitment of the engineering team and the development of all maintenance tasks.

I also have a passion for the environment and resource utilization. As part of a water saving initiative we undertook recently we were responsible for saving 4 million litres of water per year. That was really rewarding.


How has IHEA helped you in your career?

IHEA initially provided me with experienced mentors to guide me in the right direction and develop my career.

Exposure to these people gave me a vision of where I wanted my career to go. They also guided me towards the right courses and resources to gain the knowledge that is required to be successful in this industry.


What do you believe the benefits are of an IHEA membership?

It is great to have contacts to speak to about the latest technologies or procedures being used to meet the needs of our ever changing building and regulatory environment. This has on many occasions saved me from reproducing solutions that have already been developed by other teams.

Access to a network of professionals who are available to provide options on a range of items such as complex faults, projects and compliance requirements is invaluable.


We thank Steve for taking the time to provide some insight into his career. 


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